Blast Freezer: Working & Applications

Tuesday, 19 May 2020 09:43
What is a blast freezer? A blast freezer (also known as shock freezer or flash freezer) is a special type of freezer storage which very rapidly freezes the food stuff or fresh produce at extremely low temperatures. This is air blast freezing. Rapid freezing prevents the formation and growth of…

A Flake icemaker produces ice in its most natural shape. Created at temperatures below zero degrees, flake ice is mostly used in fisheries, laboratories and industries. Flake Ice offers the best solution for maintaining perishables. For example, flake ice machines for fish preservation guarantee long-lasting freshness and natural appearance. Flake…

Industrial Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd would love to invite you to our stall – Number 349, Hall 2B–at South Asia’s largest exhibition on air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and building services at ACREX India 2015, Bangalore International Exhibition Center (BIEC) between February 26 and 28. ACREX India is returning to Bangalore after…

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  • Vertical Plate Freezer

    Vertical Plate Freezer

  • IQF-Fluid Bed Freezer

    IQF-Fluid Bed Freezer

  • IQF-Spiral Freezer

    IQF-Spiral Freezer

  • Walk in Cooler

    Walk in Cooler

  • Flake Ice Machine

    Flake Ice Machine

flake ice machine