Snow Room: Year Long Arctic For Your Better Health

Snow Room: Year Long Arctic For Your Better Health

Thursday, 09 July 2020 11:19

The days are fading to the past when ‘sauna’ meant ‘hot tubs’ & ‘steam rooms’. Snow rooms, or ice rooms, are changing the experiences of traditional spas. Snow room spas offer more refreshing and soothing ambience & health benefits than their contemporary hot tubs & steam rooms.

Chill of the Arctic plus aesthetics of the Antarctic, or vice versa if you wish, conjured in a dedicated space enliven you from the inside. Snow rooms are typically used in contrast therapy in combination with a hot sauna.

These rooms are good for your wellbeing & it is good to reward your body & mind a chilled calm experience once in a while!


What Are Snow Rooms?

Snow room, also referred to as ice room or cold room, can be a room of area 5m² to 50m² with real snow at temperatures ranging from -21°C to -27°C. It is a completely sealed cabin with attractive interiors (usually the rocky aesthetics of Antarctic) creating a sort of snow cafe or ice room spa.

On the other hand, ice chutes are smaller packages which dispense ice in a neat manner and can be installed adjacent to the hot sauna for cooling you down quickly. These sauna snow rooms are definitely a stylish addition to any home or commercial spa.

Places To Set Up A Snow Room

Snow room can be set up in your house (near the bath tub if possible) as well as at a traditional spa adjacent to the hot sauna room. Some of the other applications are as follows:

  • Sauna snow room spas.
  • Snow cafes.
  • Snow beer bar.
  • Aquarium.
  • Dedicated snow room.
  • Snow cabin on yacht.

Health Benefits Of Snow Rooms

These rooms help build your immunity & increase your bodily awareness immensely. Owning this premium & exclusive luxury product available in the wellness market is a truly unique experience.
If done on a regular basis, alternating hot & cold treatment to the body (the contrast therapy) enhances health benefits & overall wellbeing of the body and mind.

  • It instils a feeling of deep relaxation.
  • Stimulates the metabolism of the body.
  • It imparts strength to the blood vessels.
  • Beneficial for the skin and hair.
  • The respiratory track is soothed & symptoms of allergies are minimized.
  • It relieves aches & pains in the body.
  • Body tissues get adequate oxygen with its proper circulation.
  • It also strengthens the immunity.
  • It provides a good way to end your hectic day.

Industrial Refrigeration Pvt. LTD (IRL) is pioneer in promoting snow room system for entertainment industry and other applications. We specialize in manufacturing the following equipment of the snow room:

  • Cooling plant.
  • Pumps & fans.
  • Snow-producing device.
  • Trimming and thermal protection.
  • Automatic machinery system.

Customers choose the snow circulation, temperature (anywhere from 21-27° C below zero) and snow cover level in the snow room. Depending on the snow amount, it must be regularly taken away. Additional effects using snow, ice, and hoar frost can also be created.

The fully automatic system allows smooth handling of the room in addition to simple operation. It also produces colorful snow through the lighting function whereas the air purifier and air conditioner create fresh and comfy atmosphere while making snow through air purification & natural cooling.

To know how we can help create your snow room, visit us at Industrial Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd (IRL).

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