Advantages Of Blast Freezer For Food Safety And Business

Thursday, 10 December 2020 18:14

A blast freezer is a special kind of freezer storage which uses air blast freezing mechanism for a very rapid freezing of food or fresh produce at extremely low temperatures of -18°C to -45°C. This extreme freezing sabotages the formation & growth of harmful micro-organisms in the food by neutralizing them.

With the expansion of freezer market globally, businesses have realized the importance and benefits of blast freezing. As the demand of freshly frozen foods is rising day by day, even the smaller & more local companies are feeling the effects of rapid expansion of the market.
In view of all this, blast freezer manufacturers in India have not only risen to the occasion but they are also keeping up admirably with the rapid market changes in the field.


Owing to their suitability for preserving perishable items for longer durations, blast freezers are highly sought after for their diverse utility in:

  • Seafood industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Fruits & fresh produce
  • Cold storage companies
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Big hotels
  • Confectionaries etc.

Food, Fruits or Fresh Produce: Blast Freezers Preserve Everything

Here, we list major benefits of blast freezers which make them indispensable to the concerned industries.

  • Structural integrity of food
    Traditional freezers takes a long time to freeze the food. This results in the formation of ice crystals inside the food.

    When these ice crystals thaw, they distort or damage the cell structure of food and may cause cell bursting. This is detrimental to the quality and structure of food.

    A blast freezer, on the other hand, freezes the food too rapidly to spare any time for the formation of ice crystals in it. Also, blast freezing is done at even lower temperatures than the traditional freezers.

  • Protection against bacteria
    Blast chillers blow extremely cold breeze throughout the storage which kills the harmful bacteria in the food stock like meat, fish and poultry.

    If not for the blast freezers, harmful bacteria like Escherichia Coli and Salmonella can thrive in their fresh, raw form. Blast freezers for meat employed at big hotels & blast freezers for fish & seafood industry rapidly freeze the stock so that the stock lasts longer for sale.

    Blast freezers can freeze several tons of produce within 24 hours. Generally, meat fish & poultry are stored at around -18°C or colder to arrest growth of harmful bacteria.
    You must consider storing large stocks of food in a blast chiller if the food has to be served repetitively from that stock.

  • Preservation of nutrients
    The nutritional value of stored food is of big concern, more so when it is intended for schools & hospitals. Nutrient-dense foodstuffs are the necessity of young children and blast freezers help to preserve those nutritional values in food.

    The speedy freezing effectively stops rapid deterioration of nutrients. It also ensures that the food doesn’t become bland or unhealthy. Even ready cooked meals can retain nutrients for a long time, thanks to blast freezing.

  • Pharmaceutical industry
    Active ingredients in vaccines stimulate immunogenic response when administered to a patient.

    Maintaining the stability & viability of the active ingredient during production, distribution and administration of the vaccine is a huge challenge to vaccine manufacturers.

    Storage in a blast freezer ensures highly reduced degradation of the active ingredient making it more stable and viable for longer time.

  • Safeguard large stock all at once
    A huge bulk of food stock can be preserved by blast freezing in less than a day. Be it fruits, fishes, poultry, confectionery, seafood etc. blast freezers got everything covered for a long term.

Why Invest in Blast Freezers?

  • Investing in blast freezers saves you money through minimizing stock wastage and it also helps expand your business since the produce you have at-hand stays for longer.
    This is good for your company and also for your customers as they get a broader product selection.
  • You can expand the stock amount quickly without much hassle. This imparts great flexibility with respect to the dynamics of demand in food market.
  • The setup of freezer is easy & no planning permission is required. After installation, you can begin freezing the huge amount of stock within few days ensuring its plentiful & quick supply to customers.
  • You may want to consider portable blast freezers which can be purchased or rented out over a number of months. This is far more cost effective than building an external cold store.
  • If your organizational needs are of temporary nature, better rent the blast freezer over a set period of time, instead of acquiring it when it is not to be used entire year.
  • In addition to supplying the blast freezers, pioneer blast freezer manufacturers in India like Industrial Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. (IRL), give you viable recommendations after a detailed analysis of your actual freezer requirements. An outsider perspective & expertise of the champions in the field will get you a blast freezer which is the best fit for your needs.

Industrial Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. (IRL) can help you finalize the kind of blast freezer that would just be right for your business. We understand that food safety is of paramount importance for every company in the industry to ensure a harmonious relationship between the company and the consumers.

Our versatile blast freezers have provided tremendous benefits to the various industries mentioned above, for all types of temperature sensitive products.
Over the years, we have tied-up with global companies, like GEA Group, to introduce the latest refrigeration technologies and practices in India such as paraffin wax freezers for refineries, snow rooms, ice skating rinks, dairy refrigeration, abattoir refrigeration and modified & controlled atmosphere cold stores.

IRL caters to industries like food processing, hospitality, chemicals, oil and gas, supermarket & entertainment.
Do check our products and reach out to our team of experts who will be more than happy to help you realize your refrigeration requirements.

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