Snow Room

Industrial Refrigeration are pioneers in promoting Snow Room System for Entertainment industries.

A "snow room" is constructed for contrast health-keeping procedures and is equipped by artificial snow producing device.

Manufacturing equipment of the "snow room" :

  • Cooling plant
  • Pumps and fans
  • Snow-producing device
  • Trimming and thermal protection
  • Automatic machinery system

Snow circulation, temperature and snow cover level in "snow rooms" are chosen by customers. The temperature in the "snow room" can be 21-27° C below zero. Lower temperature doesn't give the required effect. Depending on snow amount it must be regularly taken away. Additional effects using snow, ice, and hoar frost can also be created.

The cost of Snow Room includes :

  • Design work
  • Original units
  • Mounting
  • Thermo-insulation
  • Doors
  • Light (optical fiber and lens elements)
  • Anti-freeze system
  • Starting-up and adjustment and commission

Advantages :

  • All weather snowmaker for Four Seasons Allows indoor and outdoor installation and snowmaking all year round.          
  • Best Snow Quality Produces large volumes of fine-quality snow (close to natural snow).
  • Easy Handling Allows simple operation, thanks to the full auto system.
  • Colorful Snow Produces color-sensitive snow through the lighting function.
  • Air Purifier and Air Conditioner Creates a fresh and comfortable atmosphere while making snow through air purification and natural cooling.

Applications :

  • Equipment for snowmaking indoors all year round
  • Spa sauna snow room, Snow beer bar, Snow cafe, Aquarium, Snow room

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