Horizontal Plate Freezer

Industrial Refrigeration offers Horizontal Plate Freezer systems to the food industry.

The Products are simply placed into the Horizontal pockets between the aluminum freezing plates in batches; the plates fall horizontally to give true double contact freezing. Once the freezing cycle is completed, the plates are lifted and opened, and then the product can be unloaded; after fresh product is loaded, the whole cycle can be continuous.

Features :

  • Aluminum extrusion plates
  • Galvanized strong frame
  • Stainless steel cylinder
  • Stainless steel hoses and fitting
  • Integral valve
  • Capacity from 800~2000kgs per batch

Applications :

  • Batch loading and freezing of naked fish, meats, offal’s, fruit puree and liquids
  • Suitable for land and marine application
  • Compact and hygienic design

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