Flake Ice Machine

Industrial Refrigeration (IRL) are pioneers in promoting flake ice systems in India.The surface area of flake-ice is quite large and covers the product properly. Also being thin, they do not damage the delicate fish skin. The temperatures of the flakers are almost -4° to -5°C. With these excellent characteristics, flake ice is always used in the processing industries. It plays an important part in sea food industries which is one of major users of flake ice. It is mandatory that any seafood industries should have a flake ice unit based on the production of the sea food in the ratio of 1: 2. Flake ice is used in Dye making. It also plays an important role in concreting. It is important to keep the concrete mix at low temperature to yield superior concrete and to avoid any cracks in concreting. Smaller ranges of flake ice units are made suitable for sea water and can be supplied to Deep sea trawlers & small units within ranges of 1 to 2 tons/24 hrs.Ice flakes are also used in supermarkets.

IRL offers Flake ice units with capacity ranging from 1 ton/24 hours to 100 tons/24 hours. Industrial Refrigeration designs & erects refrigeration system in ammonia or Freon 404A incorporating the flake ice generator.

Application Fields :

  • Fishery and aquatic food processing
  • Medium and large chain supermarket
  • Mine temperature reduction
  • Food processing
  • Preservation and cooling field application
  • Skiing & other sports
  • Medical facilities
  • Concrete cooling project.
  • Dye's chemical industry.


Features :

  • Scientific design and many years of engineering experience
  • Safety and sanitation
  • High reliability and low breakdown rate
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Simple maintenance and convenient operation
  • Great adaptability
  • Outstanding electric control system

Flake Ice advantages :

  • Directly formed at low temperatures. Ice flakes are as cold as -8°C.
  • Once formed, Ice flakes are dry, clean, beautiful in shape. Sanitary and convenient.
  • Relatively big contact area and good mobility can ensure their full contact with refrigerated objects to realize good preservation effect.
  • Without any acute edges and damage concerns. Ice flakes cannot damage the surfaces of refrigerated objects but are extremely suitable for storage and delivery.

Flake Ice Machine


Flake Ice Maker



Medium-sized flake ice machine model and performance parameter
ModelCapacityRefrigeration CapacityEvaporating Temp.Reducer PowerCirculating pump powerCompressorWeight
IR30 3000kg/d 14100kcal -22 ℃ 0.37kw 0.03kw 12hp 1022kg
IR40 4000kg/d 18800kcal -22 ℃ 0.37kw 0.03kw 20hp 1117kg
IR50 5000kg/d 23500kcal -22 ℃ 0.55kw 0.12kw 25hp 1168kg
IR60 6000kg/d 28200kcal -22 ℃ 0.55kw 0.12kw 30hp 1168kg
IR80 8000kg/d 37600kcal -22 ℃ 0.75kw 0.25kw 40hp 1650kg
IR100 10000kg/d 47000kcal -25 ℃ 0.75kw 0.25kw 50hp 1742kg
Note: For non-standard demand, please inform us the details.

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