Fish Processing Machinery

Industrial Refrigeration(IRL) offers Fish Processing Machinery to Fish Process Industries.

IRL plans, designs and set up complete processing lines as well as fish processing facilities ashore or on board ship. Conversions, extensions and modernization and retrofitting are also offered by IRL.

Products :

Gutting machines minimize waste percentage by gutting basically all kinds of fish with very high precision leading to reduction of your production cost.

IRL offers a series of standard machines, but can also produce customized machines to match your requirements.

The gutting of fish must be thorough, but at the same time the machine must be easy to maintain, flexible to adjust and suitable for different types of fish. In a few words, that is the GUTMASTER.


Machines for processing fish it is all about making sure that the customers get a higher output from their raw materials.

Precision and high capacity are key words for FILETMASTER.

When the fish is gutted and cut, the guts are sucked out with the help of vacuum. This way problems involving knife sharpening as a result of stones that fish have swallowed are eliminated.

FILETMASTER can produce both single and butterfly fillets after minor adjustments.


To optimize yield, HEADMASTER removes the head of each fish with a U cut. The cut is made around the collarbone up to the neck.

The ergonomics for the two operators has been in focus during the design phase. The handling of the fish takes place within the operators' reach and they do not have to reach far away when they have to place them into the bowls of HEADMASTER. This ensures good ergonomics for the operators and allows for high capacity when processing fish.


Good hygiene is an integral part of producing foodstuff and given the fact that the raw material is often transported over large distances before being processed, washing is often necessary.

WASHMASTER can be used for initial washing, rinsing during production or final washing before packaging.
WASHMASTER is available as a 2-chamber system so that it is possible to reuse some of the water while there is still fresh water in the second chamber.
We offer a range of filters for WASHMASTER.


The Scalemaster machine is mounted on a solid frame with spring suspension so that it adjusts to the size of the fish.

The descaling is done by rotating brushes that are driven by hydraulic motors and the speed of the machine can be adjusted by pressing the control panel on the front.

The descaling process works better without water but taking the cleaning of the brushes into consideration, a limited amount of water may be used. The water consumption of the machine can be adjusted to suit the operator’s requirements.

During the descaling process the fish is held in place by strong ties – holding the fish in place is important to achieve a good descaling. The tightening of the ties is done pneumatically and the tightening process can be adjusted smoothly. The ties can be removed in a minute for easier cleaning of both the ties and the machine.

Scales and water run down and out of the machine, making it easy to collect and filter the scales from the water. The collection of the scales is done in a filter system that can be easily emptied and cleaned.


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