Block Ice Plant

Industrial Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd.(IRL) promote Block Ice Plant to food & other industries.

The Ice Making & Harvesting section of the plant consists of the Brine Tank, an electrically operated Lifting Device (Crane) running on rails along the sides of the tank, a Thawing Tank, a Tilting Device with an inclined Wooden Table to receive the ice blocks as they slide out of the cans and a Filler. Standard Rectangular 25, 50 & 150 kg Ice Cans fit in the brine tank which is covered with solid Wooden Lids as shown on the picture.

Features :

Block ice machine can be installed in different conditions, convenient for transportation. Standard Block ice making plants are available in 9 sizes with a capacity range of 3 to 65 tons of ice per 24 hrs. Depending upon size and customer’s specifications, Plants are designed for either 100 Lb (45Kg) or 300 Lb (135Kg.) capacity cans. Custom-made plants can also be designed for 55Lb (25Kg) capacity cans. Operation system of the block ice machine use PLC control system which is easy for operation and maintenance.
Special request : Water temperature 0.5℃~46℃.
Block ice thickness : Dimension depends on customer's requests.
Refrigerant : R22 , R404A, R507

Applications :

  • Supermarket displays
  • Frozen food processing
  • Construction concrete cooling
  • Transportation
  • Deep-sea fishing
  • Medicine production, chemical industry cooling & ice cooling works

Advantages :

  • Block ice feature : Selectable sizes, big density and large cold accumulation.
  • Split block ice design : Containerized design and assembled convenience.
  • Environmental protection ice moulds : 304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy or PE material
  • High production ice : Weight of every block 10kg/25kg/50kg.
  • Daily ice making capacity : 1ton-100ton.


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